Valley Gurl

Location: Mount Vernon, Washington, United States

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey, Valley Gurl here...have ya ever just wanted to say fuck you and fuck the world? Have you ever wanted to just smack the living shit out of some moron that seems to think, "oh, it's not human, it's just a dumb animal!" ? Well thats how I'm feeling right now, so now cometh the RANT...all because of a really STUPID moron who placed an ad in my local paper.

"Wanted For FREE outdoor only cat to chase squirrels"

OH My @@#### some people. I stewed on that ad half the day and I just had to call the number and have my say. First off I polietly asked if they wanted a male or female and did it make any difference if it had been fixed or not. They said it didn't matter long as though it was free and didn't have to come into the house!!! I inquired about feeding it. Now here is the kicker . Quote " if we feed the cat it won'tbe hungry and then it won't kill off the squirrels...I was steaming by them. I then asked and if its a female and has kittens? They said they can stay out with the mom also. We have a dog house they can live in... I was so mad by then I simply hung up! CLICK more like BANG! I got on the phone and called the local Human Society and told them what was going on they read the ad and said that they would have someone go in person to the peoples house and talk with them. Phewww. How can people be so darn stupid and uncaring??

You see, to me, animals are not our servants! We are supposed to care for and protect them! People like these idiots shout be shot in my humble opinion!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

This has just not been a good week! Today though, today was the icing on this morbid little cake from hell. After a long and rather drawn out schedualing session (sooo my fault!) I finally get to sleep just a smidge before 4 in the morning. Well, aparently the powers that be decided that sleep was not on the agenda for me tonight. Not even 10 minutes after I fall asleep, my roomate is waking me up saying, get the kids, the buildings on fire!
The firefighters are saying it was arson and it really has me feeling scared! I'm a wreck right now...I'm going to go back inworld to second least there you don't get woken up in the middle of the night cuz your house is on fire.